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A free browser-based game of robot combat

It's free. No cost to play.
It's easy. You can start playing in less than a minute. No downloads, either. Play through your browser.
Always New
New features and changes are added frequently, usually every few weeks.
No huge time-investment. Game play is usually 10-20 minutes per session.


Game screenshot
Things happen in the Colony even when you are not playing. When come back to play again, find out what changed.
The game is designed for hundreds or thousands of different players to participate and interact with each other.
Role Playing
Robots collect skills, experience, weapons and inventory to become more powerful. Colony 337 is a MMORPG.
Teams of robots work together to capture territories and control resources. Colony 337 is a MMORTS.
Communication, interaction and teamwork are integral to the game. More players = more fun!

The Story

Early in the twenty-third century, humanity sent fleets of ships out to the stars — ships full of intelligent, independent and adaptive robots whose purpose was to find new homes for us. They were programmed to build complete and livable colonies for humanity, and signal us to come and move in.

Colony 337 completed its task successfully. A colony site was fully prepared, and the robots signaled humanity. No response came back. They waited.

And waited.

Then — something happened. The robots changed. Either through faulty programming or a sleeper virus or some other mysterious cause, each robot suddenly perceived all other robots as a threat to its own existence. They all attacked each other while trying to defend themselves. Chaos reigned. Nearly all robots were demolished.

Fortunately, all robots were also equipped with a low-level automated self-repair and rebuild system.

Slowly, some robots are becoming active again.

Some robots are learning to avoid treating all robots as a threat. Cooperation is possible as robots work together in teams.

You are one of these robots. This is Colony 337.