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A free, turn-based, browser-based game of robot combat

  • Attack and defend against enemy robots
  • Gain experience to level up and gain new skills
  • Find resources and credits to get stronger weapons
  • Build force fields to protect you and your teammates
  • Repair yourself and your teammates to live another day
  • Communicate and coordinate with other robots to maintain your territory
It's free. No cost to play.
It's easy. You can start playing in less than a minute. No downloads, either. Play through your browser.
No huge time-investment. Game play is usually 10-20 minutes per session.
Always New
New features and changes are added frequently, usually every few weeks.
Things happen in the Colony even when you are not playing. When you come back to play again, find out what changed.
Communication, interaction and teamwork are integral to the game.

The Story

Early in the twenty-third century, humanity sent fleets of ships out to the stars, full of intelligent, adaptive robots. The mission: Find new homes for us. The robots were programmed to build new colonies, and signal us when ready.

Colony 337 completed its task successfully. The colony site was fully prepared, and the robots signaled humanity. But no response came back. They waited.

Then something happened. Through faulty programming or a sleeper virus or some other cause, the robots perceived all other robots as a threat. They attacked each other. They defended themselves. Chaos reigned. Nearly all robots were demolished.

Fortunately, the robots are equipped with a low-level automated self-repair system.

Some robots became active again.

Some robots are learning to work together, forming groups to defending themselves against other enemy robots.

You are one of these robots.


How does it work? Each robot has a fixed amount of energy, or turns, per day. Use the turns to to actions, like attach a robot, fortify a force field, or search for resources.

Main Screen

Here is a scaled image the main game page. Labeled items are described below.

1 Robot
Your robot name and unique icon. This is you.
2 Team
If you belong to a team, your team name and colors are displayed here.
3 Energy
Most things you do in the game take Energy. This shows how Energy you have left. You can see a countdown to when you get a new energy point.
4 Health
During combat, you take damage. You slowly gain back health points naturally, or you can use Repair Kits to gain health immediately. Don't run out of health!
5 Credits
Use credits to buy and sell items in trading kiosks, if you can find them. Searching for resources will often find small amounts of credits.
6 Experience
Do actions to gain experience. Attack enemy robots, repair friendly robots, fortify force fields. The more experience you gain, the higher your level!
7 Level
Leveling up your robot earns you more skill points. The more skills you have, the more powerful your robot.
Main screen
8 Map
A birds eye view of your location in the Colony. You are always on the center square. Clicking on other squares to navigate to that location.
9 Status
Information about your current location. For example, how many other robots are at the same location, whether there is a force field there, or the flag of the team that owns force field.
10 Events
A list of recent events, including the results of your actions
Attack, repair, power up a force field, communicate, etc. Available actions depend on the local environment or what you have in inventory. Actions use energy. Certain actions give you experience points.


Robots have different skills, and can upgrade their skills if they have enough experience.

Most skills are weapon and combat related.

More skills and skill upgrade paths are added as the game is developed.


Robots have a number of inventory slots to store their weapons, chargers, repair kits and other items they may need.

Certain items will wear out after used and have to be replaced.

Sometimes robots need to drop or sell items to make room in their inventory.

Different types of items are added as the game is developed.